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Monetize Your Influence.

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Our Process

1. Sign Up to Skale

Register for an account. Copy and Paste your first link to shorten it.

2. Share your Link

Place your links on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, and more to earn.

3. Start Earning

Get paid for every person that clicks your links.


Shorten, Share, Earn

Get paid to share any articles or videos you like. Better yet, promote your own content. Register a free account, paste & shorten your link, then share it across your social to start earning income.


Simple Tracking & Stats

Our easy to use platform allows you to track your links and earnings in real time, as well as track visitor analytics and measure engagement & content performance from your Skale Dashboard.


Wordpress Tools & Resources

We have an ever-expanding library of Q&A’s, resources, videos and support, as well as free Wordpress tools for publishers to make sharing and earning even easier.

Share music and earn $50 for every thousand visitors you generate. Earn .05 cent for every USA visitor that clicks your links.

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